Project Vectorizer

IDE made for visualizing and debugging computer graphics algorithms, written in Java. Supports both 2D and 3D visualization. Uses Groovy as a scripting language.

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HROT modding tools

HROT is an indie Quake like shooter in early access. It uses a proprietary engine written in Pascal. This means it has no modding support yet,
however, HROT uses the same archive format (.pak) as Quake.
Thanks to this it is possible to replace the game’s already existing resources (sounds, models, textures). Some .pak extractors and repackers already exist.

There is still a problem with the game’s code which causes the game to crash on launch when data file size differs from the release version.
I wrote a patching utility to update this number so nothing prevents resource replacement mods from working.
You can simply extract the game files, overwrite them and repack them. Then the game launcher is patched to prevent the crash.

This patcher probably won’t be needed for long but, the custom archive support still has yet to arrive.
It also works on the Demo version.

Download link:

My toolset uses Joshua Kelly’s extractor:
Steam forum


Strife’s 25th Anniversary

Strife: Quest for the Sigil is a hidden gem between old school first person shooters that will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary.
Strife came out on May 15th of 1996.

While its fame reached nowhere near the fame of the Doom series,
Strife has pioneered many aspects of FPS and Immersive sim genres and expanded the idea of genre combination.

Strife features branching story, character progression, ammo types, voice acted NPCs and inventory, which is a rare combination of features, even for today’s standard. All of that was acomplished in a slightly modified engine of Doom 2 (iD Tech).

Game development issues, smaller audience and the difficulty of modding caused that Strife’s community will likely never reach the size of the first Doom games. Because of this there hasn’t been much community activity or content over the years but, it is getting some new attention, mainly thanks to the ports from Night Dive studios.

Strife Overhaul continues to be one of the few mantained mods for Strife and you can expect its new release in the first half of 2021.

Happy anniversary!


Neodit JS

Work in progress lightweight javascript IDE made in Java.
Features code highlighting and auto completion, snippets, multiple carets and tabs. Integrated console for debugging with NodeJS.


C-Style Beautifier

Simple beautifier script for C like languages (C, C++, Java, ACS, JS, GML). Supports {} blocks, if-else and switch-case.


ZScript/Decorate beautifier

Simple decorate formatting script made in JS. It is almost fully ZScript compatible(except switch-case statements).

Please remove comments before using.



Mindmap/investigation board organizer, allows you to store image and text data in a logical way. Has options for text formatting, different style of connections, node coloring and pointing at specific locations within the images.
It is being developed in Java, release is coming soon.


The Crusade of Tartarus

is a Doom 2 total conversion modification,
being developed as a community project for the GZDoom launcher.
Features many unusual features like leaning, climbing, multiple sights, fire modes and ammo types.
More details to be announced.

List of features:


Codename Teamstrike

Is a 2D sidescroller mix of RPG and immersive simulator. Features hardcore combat with realistic features as simulated magazines, gun chambering, jamming, overheating, bleed and others.
It is being developed in Game Maker Studio with a modding support in mind.

Check out the game’s IndieDB page for more screenshots.

Codename Teamstrike


Strife Overhaul

Total overhaul mod for the game Strife: The Quest for Sigil. Runs on the GZDoom engine.

Currently being developed for singleplayer only, multiplayer version is planned for later.

If you want to learn more or to help with the development, check out the mod’s page on ModDb or join the Discord.