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HROT modding tools

HROT is an indie Quake like shooter in early access. It uses a proprietary engine written in Pascal. This means it has no modding support yet,
however, HROT uses the same archive format (.pak) as Quake.
Thanks to this it is possible to replace the game’s already existing resources (sounds, models, textures). Some .pak extractors and repackers already exist.

There is still a problem with the game’s code which causes the game to crash on launch when data file size differs from the release version.
I wrote a patching utility to update this number so nothing prevents resource replacement mods from working.
You can simply extract the game files, overwrite them and repack them. Then the game launcher is patched to prevent the crash.

This patcher probably won’t be needed for long but, the custom archive support still has yet to arrive.
It also works on the Demo version.

Download link:

My toolset uses Joshua Kelly’s extractor:
Steam forum

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